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Alive on Indigenous Land

Open Hours
Mondays, 2-4 pm

Peralta House Museum
2465 34th Ave.

Alive on Indigenous Land is an educational exhibition for guests of all ages that highlights the cultural, social, and political lives of Native peoples. Curated by Carlos Salomon, Ph.D. with Eduardo Valadez Arenas, the exhibition explores concepts of indigenous migration, political art, civil resistance, US-Native American relations and history, and how federal recognition affects unrecognized tribes.

This exhibition was developed to complement Peralta Hacienda’s public education initiatives and field trips program. In 2022, Peralta Hacienda staff redesigned its Ohlone Daily Life and Peralta Rancho Life field trips to center indigenous people and illuminate their histories. Sierra Barton-Peterson, Peralta’s Field Trips Director, sought the advice of many American Indian educators and experts to put together an award-winning curriculum. Peralta Hacienda welcomes hundreds of OUSD students who come to the park on field trips. This exhibit is an extension of our curriculum and is geared for students and adult viewers. It is intended to show examples of historical and contemporary views of indigenous life from various locations and perspectives.

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