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Upcoming Events

Pchum Ben

Pchum Ben: Celebrating Cambodian Day of the Dead

Saturday, October 7
11 am–2 pm

Peralta Hacienda Historical Park – Pavilion & Stage
2465 34th Avenue, Oakland

Free to Attend

You're invited to a joyous Pchum Ben celebration! Experience the beauty of Khmer tradition as a talented troupe of young dancers enchants with captivating performances. Savor the flavors of Cambodia with delicious foods that'll delight your taste buds, and join in fun-filled games that promise laughter and community.

This event is more than just a gathering; it's a cherished opportunity for the Khmer community in Oakland and the East Bay to come together, connect, remember, and share in the cultural richness of Pchum Ben. As we honor this significant holiday and ancestors, let us strengthen our bonds and create lasting memories. Join us in rejoicing, reflecting, and reveling in the spirit of Pchum Ben.



Textile workshop banner

A Taste of Textile Art Fair

Sunday, October 22
1–4 pm

Peralta Hacienda Historical Park Pavilion
2465 34th Avenue

Free to Attend. Space is limited. Click here to reserve a space

Come share an afternoon of art-making in the park. There will be stations for everyone to try their hand at 4 different textile art techniques. There are no mistakes, just happy accidents! Textile Art techniques include: Block Printing, Indigo Dying, Fabric Painting, and Sashiko Quilting!


What is Textile Artmaking

Textile print design is the arranging of shapes and colors into decorative patterns.

Block Printing Station

At this station you can roll ink onto blocks and stamp fabric, creating cool patterns. Participants can carve their own stamp or use premade stamps.

Indigo Dye

Indigo Dye is an ancient dye used by many cultures to create rich blues and often, paired with fabric manipulation techniques,  to make shapes and textures on natural fibers. In this workshop we will take a freeform approach, using rubber bands, clips, and simple stitches to bind fabric, then dipping fabric in indigo dye to see what happens. 

Fabric Painting

The sky's the limit here – whatever we can imagine we can paint! Fabric paint and markers are a great way to add new style to old garments and cloth items. Take a few moments to plan a design, then start painting! Participants can bring any clean garments or bags they would like to upcycle, or select from fabric that will be available in the station. 

Sashiko Quilting

Sashiko Quilting is a Japanese technique for both decorative sewing and mending or reinforcement. We will use it to both create designs and make patches. This can be a slower, relaxing hand sewing technique. Participants can come and relax into the process. 

Dia Muertos

Mayan Mam Día de los Muertos Celebration

Saturday, October 28
11 am–3 pm

Peralta Hacienda Historical Park
2465 34th Avenue, Oakland

Free to Attend

Join us for our annual, vibrant Dia de los Muertos celebration! Immerse yourself in the rich Latin-American cultural heritage as we honor our ancestors and family. Inspired by joyous Guatemalan traditions, our event features Mayan Mam dance and music, along with beautifully crafted traditional altars paying homage to our loved ones.

Bring your kids along for a day of creativity with art-making activities, face painting, and trick-or-treating in the park. Don't miss out on all the pumpkin fun: decorate your own Jack-o-Lantern or be a Mad Scientist making Pumpkin Potions. We’ll be making Monarch butterflies and learning how important they are to this holiday. 

It's a day of family-friendly fun, cultural enrichment, and vibrant festivities. Let's come together on this special occasion to honor our loved ones and celebrate life!

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