Peralta Land Loss Room: Voices of the Gold Rush & Beyond

Voices of the Gold Rush & Beyond (click any to play):

200-Californio perspective on the US takeover (in English)
201-La perspectiva de los californios sobre el toma de california por los E.E.U.U. (en Español)
202-East Bay Gold Rush-era night spot, 1849
203-East Bay's landscape in 1849
204-Population deluge
205-On race, 1851
206-Looking back at the Peraltas and the squatters
207-1850s report on Spanish documents in US courts
208-"As the ranchos shrank"
209-Kidnapping: Gold Rush-era massacres leave Native children without parents
210-Native American destiny
211-Act for the Government and Protection of the Indians, passed in 1850
212-Treaties with California's Native Americans "lost" by US Congress
213-"My daughter is wild and dark-skinned." (in English)
214- —La muchacha es fiera y prieta.— (en Español)
215-Lumberjack's view of Antonio Peralta, August, 1857
216-"My honor is jeopardized." (in English)
217- —Con muchísima bergüenza tomo la pluma— (en Español)
218-Vincente loses his land
219-What did the press say?
220-Sisters' betrayal (in English)
221- ...que declaren que mi padre estaba loco— (en Español)
222-What a fishing trip the devil has gone on!
223-1861 epic floods cause the demise of the cattle industry
224-Horace Carpenter defrauds Domingo Peralta
225-Condescending romanticization of the californio period
226-Modern Native American view of californio land loss
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