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Youth Making History: WATER KEEPERS

On-Site & Online Job Training Program for Youth

September 19–December 5
Saturdays, 9 am–2 pm
(No program November 28)

September September 22–December 3
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4–6:30 pm
(No programs November 24 & 26)

Youth Making History: Water Keepers is a job skills development and education program for youth which focuses on the role 'Water' has in our lives and communities. During this On-site and Online, 10-week program (100 hours) youth ages 14-24 will discover how water is used, who has the rights to use it, and the many problems we face with our water supplies today.

Youth will learn about the science behind water and develop practical skills like how to test and track water quality, research and interpret data, and have the opportunity to meet and exchange with water experts from our community. Participants will get hands-on experience by helping to plan and work on restoring Peralta Creek, while also finding out about Native Americans' relationship with water and environmental justice.

Participants will develop audio-visual skills to improve their resumes, learn how to produce a short documentary about water from their own point of view. Participants will gain confidence by improving their public speaking and manage projects to be presented to civic leaders and agencies.

If you have questions please email Abad Leyva ( or Diane Wang (, or call (510) 532-9142.

This youth program is on-site AND online for 100 hours. Paid stipends are available from partner agencies.

Click here and fill out a few questions to let us know if you're interested in joining.


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  • Who gets to use California’s water & why? 

  • How does global warming affect water & environment


  • Restore & maintain Peralta Creek

  • Get your hands in it & clean the Creek

  • Learn how to do water testing & investigate macroinvertebrates

  • Get woke about ancestral relationships with water in the Americas & Africa


  • Learn how to shoot & edit video to build your resume

  • Write & produce a short documentary movie about water

  • Design and present projects to civic leaders & agencies

  • Learn remote job interviewing & practice public speaking

  • Educate yourself about the environment 

  • Build transferable skills & learn how to manage a big project



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