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Home and Away is an audio-visual project that documents the effects of mass incarceration on our community in Oakland.

In 2015, community members and museum visitors came together with writer, artist, and historian, Linda Norton, to create the exhibition at the Peralta House Museum.

Home and Away featured an audio installation where East Oakland activists shared stories of their personal experiences with police and imprisonment.

Benefiting from this collaborative process – using storytelling, painting, collage and writing – Home and Away evidiced the detrimental and generational impact the American prison system has had on Black and Latinx communities. 

This project is possible thanks to the generous support of the Creative Work Fund.

HomeAway audio header

Gwen Jackson quotation


Gwen Jackson, artist and activist, speaks on the relation between the prison system and the economic system In the South in the 1950s.

Norman Gee quotation

Paul Richards quotation

Norman Gee, actor and theater artist, tells us about his work with youth in juvenile detention.

Paul Richards talks about an experience being jailed for civil rights’ protests in the 60s.

Community Artwork & Exhibition

Throughout 2015, Artist-Historian Linda Norton worked with membrers of the Peralta Haciena Historical Park community, as well as visitors, to create artworks and writings inspired by the Home and Away audio installation. The individual pieces created a gred together to form  



Informational Panels

Panel A

Panel B

Panel D
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Panel E

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