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The Arts Business and Culture Cooperatives Small Business Development, Entrepreneurship, and Community Building

July 10* 3 PM - 6 PM Monday - Thursdays 

This special program is for teens, ages 12 - 17.


As an ABC Co-Op Member you can participate in the following projects: 

Flea Market: ABC Co-Op Members are organizers and operators of the flea market at the Peralta Hacienda, working together, they organize the market and sell spaces to interested parties, market their own businesses, and even perform on our stage for the community. 

Entrepreneurship: Our community partners who specialize in small business development assist ABC members in developing brands and writing business plans. Members can make or design products to sell at the Peralta Hacienda market or online. 

Tutoring & Tech Lab: ABC Members are eligible to receive tutoring in STEAM subjects and utilize the tech lab for scholarly research, product development, and writing business plans. 

Spotlight Open Arts Studio: ABC Members have the opportunity meet working artists in our community, and develop performance art. 

Healthy Eating & Fitness: ABC Members are invited to prepare and enjoy home cooked goodness at the Co-Op during mealtime and attend fitness classes and self-defense workshops. 

Legacy Explorers: ABC members will participate in an array of cultural studies, and look to the past to find alternative paths forward. Youth investigate how diverse indigenous communities make agreements, select leadership, and divide labor and wealth.



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