Native American Land Loss Room: Voices of the Mission & Rancho

Voices of the Mission & Rancho (click any to play):

100-Traditional Ohlone story
101-The island of California
102-"Patroness of the Indians of this America"
103-Arriving in the East Bay for the first time, 1776
104-A priest's perspective on early encounters with Native Americans, 1776
105-Diseases in the missions, 1786
106-Peralta escorts prisoners in conflict over cows
107-Interrogation of Indian prisoners, word-for-word re-enactment
108-End of the Ohlone villages in the East Bay; Luís Peralta's role
109-Spanish livestock transform the land; other ecological effects
110-Ignacio, Vincente & Domingo, with their father, mark out the boundaries of the land grant
111-Native Americans taught to play Spanish music
112-Estanislao, Indian leader
113-Sebastián Peralta leads the slaughter of the Calaveras River
114-Horse raid on the Peraltas, 1838
115-Fire raid
116-Inside a Peralta adobe
117-Sailing to the rancho
118-Acknowledgement of the past
119-The Anza expedition's meaning
120-Native relationship to natural world
121-Relevance of this history to the present
122-Romanticization of Natives
123-"There were no Indian men..."
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