The Kitchen: Historical Food Voices

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1-Mission farm workers, 1770 2-Sardine harvest, 1770 3-Ohlone specialty, 1772 4-Food culture clash leads to murder, 1777 5-Cattle crush crops and wild plants, 1780s 6-How the Ohlone stalk game 7-Mission food rations, 1789 8-Luis Peralta! Mobilize the Workers! 1807 9-How Peralta should manage the settlers' crops, 1809 10-Winning a cooking contest in 1818 11-Discovering the landscape in 1819 12-At Yokut's funeral, 1819 13-Food supplies during Mexico's independence struggle, 1819 14-Diet of the poor, 1819 15-Chumash elder talks about a sweet treat, 1825 16-Game of catch between priest and Native youth, 1826 17-Californio picnics, 1834 18-Winemaking, 1834 19-Californio cuisine, 1830s-40s 20-Bears invade Encarnación Peralta's watermelon patch, 1838 21-Rancher's typical breakfast, 1830s-40s 22-Californio cookouts, 1830s-40s 23-Peraltas farming, 1830s-40s 24-Mealtime courtesies, 1841 25-Seriously in love with María de Jesús Estudillo, 1843 26-Feast in a Spanish dance hall, 1852 27-Peralta rancho foods and medicines, Native and californio, 1860s 28-Luis Peralta's daughters, 1870s, 29-Bygone food and servants of the mission and rancho 30-Inez Peralta's gardens, 1890s, her niece's 20th-century memories 31-Delicious treasures remembered